About us

We are a licensed medical home care agency at Egypt that provides care to individuals who are in need of regular medical treatment or in need for assistance due to the challenges brought by ageing, disability, or certain medical conditions. We help the people to stay at home and avoid to take the risk to go medical facility and helping the families to stay safe together. Our philosophy is that everyone can win if the care is provided in a consistent, professional way and under the supervision of a well-trained team of doctors and nurses.


Services we offer

We provide services to all ages in our population whom in need for regular or urgent medical care especially the following groups
1. Medically fragile and physically dependent
2. Elderly people who are suffering of disability either physical or intellectual one
3. People who are suffering of chronic severe pain from their diseases (e.g cancer patients)
4. Patients who just left the medical facility and in need of long term care and supervision (e.g wound care, physical rehabilitation or nutrition support)
5. Women who in need to follow up their pregnancy with well-trained nurses and doctors especially who at high risk of ambulation
Our services include
Provide highly qualified doctors and nurses in all specialities at your home
Also to provide most of the investigations and radiological examinations at your home
We are focusing to give a good medical services in
Geriatric care
Maternity care
Postoperative care
Wound care
Diabetic foot care
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation care
Nutrition care
Pain management care
Also, we are a unique agency that we provide a good medical service to COVID 19 patients under the supervision of highly qualified specialised doctors. We can provide at-home oxygen saturation measurements machines,  oxygen supply machines, and ICU monitors

We also have a concern with the beauty at home so we have a "beauty services" that are provided by well trained and qualified plastic doctors and technicians. Most of all cosmetic services can be provided now at your place with portable advanced equipment and materials.


Our Vision

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Our Mission

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