We’re talking renewal letters and emails here, but your organization may think about renewals in terms of “renewal notices”, “renewal reminders” or even “renewal invoices”.

No matter how your process or membership management systems work, you should take the opportunity at renewal time to reach out to all of your members with a personalized message.

If your organization is using online membership management software, many of your members might have taken advantage of signing up to have membership fees automatically paid on a regular (yearly, quarterly, monthly) basis. 

But even though technology can save enormous time and effort with renewal administration, if members are paying through your membership management system’s recurring payments processes, it’s still important to take the opportunity to connect with members. After all, it’s a courtesy to notify them that their membership renewal is coming up and that their credit card will be charged. It’s also an opportunity to re-connect with them on a personal level as you are with your other members who are receiving the renewal letter or email.

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